Travel Agent Of The Month

Mike Kubiak

After more than 20 years in the travel business, the one constant has been his membership and support to the CTO. “Through their leadership and professionalism I have been able to form lifelong relationships with representatives of tourism boards, hoteliers and tour operators. Without the Caribbean Tourism Organization I would not be the travel professional I am today. I believe that the Travel Industry has evolved into this beautiful series of cross-cultural and multi-cultural experiences, for me and my customers. I have seen a greater emphasis on a greener environment to preserve the beauty of the islands for generations to come, and the growth of sustainable tourism for the well-being of all. The Caribbean Tourism Organization has been instrumental to making that all happen.” he points out.

“There are many choices you can make in life. I believe that the right choice for me and my company is being a part of the Caribbean Tourism Organization.” Mike concludes.

Contact Information:

Mike Kubiak
Blue Iguana Travel
309 Steel Rd Havertown, PA19083
(610) 789-1115