Destinations: Martinique

Quirky historical sites complement European flair and Caribbean beauty on this French outpost.With croissants and palm trees, all perched near a live volcano, Martinique is the definition of a refined French-Caribbean island – fashionable and elegant, with an abundance of flora. Filled with ruins and monuments, Martinique has been French, with a few interruptions, since 1635, and as an overseas department of France (since 1946), it revels in French history and savoir-faire. A leading destination for European vacationers, it offers gorgeous beaches, great food and a variety of accommodations - small, medium and resort. Tourism is important, but so are banana farming, cane raising, and the rum business. With two world-class monarchs among its progeny - Napoleon's empress Josephine, and Aimé Dubuc de Rivery, who was kidnapped at sea and made Sultana Validá, mother of Turkey's Sultan Mahmoud II - the island delights in historical oddities. Its many small museums focus on curiosities such as banana farming and ancient island civilizations. The outdoorsy - especially hikers and horseback riders - will find plenty of guided adventures among the steep, lush hillsides. Novice boaters are warned off the choppy Atlantic side; windsurfers and board surfers will welcome the challenges. The capital, Fort-de-France, displays colonial charm along with its yacht-filled harbor and offers lots to see in its narrow galleried streets, including chic shops, the flowered Savane Park and the Bibliothèque Schoelcher, a Romanesque peculiarity built for the Paris Exposition of 1889 and rebuilt here. The towering Saint-Louis Cathedral, built in 1895, has a Roman-style bell tower and massive pipe organs. Several late governors are buried in the chancel. Busy fish and produce markets give local flavor. Seafood With Panache Restaurants are among the best in the islands. Local seafood offerings include balaou (ballyhoo, a kind of fish), soudons (clams), cribiches (freshwater crayfish) and langouste (Caribbean lobster). Tropical produce such as breadfruit, cassava and christophine are common local ingredients. Chez Carole at the covered market offers a delicious creole cuisine, La Cave á Vin features southwestern French dishes and Le Foyaal is also a great place to eat while in Fort-de-France. Pointe du Bout, across the Baie de Fort de France, is the island's main resort area, offering hotels, golf, shopping and casino nightlife. North along the coast about an hour's drive from Fort-de-France is St. Pierre. Until 1902, it was known as the Paris of the West Indies. Then Mont Pelée erupted and destroyed the city and its 30,000 residents in three minutes. The Museum of Vulcanology there displays chilling lava-coated mementoes such as molten nails and petrified rice that were transformed by the terrific heat. Along the way from Fort-de-France are picturesque fishing villages like Carbet, where French painter Paul Gauguin briefly lived. Whichever route you choose to return to the south (where most of the hotels are located), be sure to make a stop at one of Martinique's fine rum distilleries. There are 10 in all, and the island boasts France's official appellation for producing agricultural Rhum (a label like Cognac or Champagne). Just as wine lovers regularly visit France to savor the best of French wine while traveling along La Route des Vins, rum connoisseurs are increasingly making their way to Martinique to experience some of the world’s finest and most distinctive rums by traveling La Route des Rhums. The self-guided tour directs visitors to 10 distilleries located throughout the island, each welcoming visitors with insightful tours and free tastings that together affirm Martinique’s position as "The Rum Capital of the World". Nightlife Entertainment available includes: Discos. Nightclubs. Cabarets. Dinner/dances. Theaters. Casinos at Trois Ilets and at Bateliere Plazza. Cinemas. Live Music. Airlines Airport: (FDF) Martinique Aimé Césaire Airport. Large modern terminal building. Airport to: Fort-de-France-10 km. Pointe du Bout-20 km. Sainte Anne-35 km. Sainte Pierre-42 km. From major US gateway via Miami on American Airlines, operates weekly to Martinique with a non-stop flight on Saturdays out of Miami. From November 27th to March 26th, American Airlines added a midweek flight, on Wednesdays. For more information on rates and reservations, please visit American Airlines' web site at Seaborne Airlines operates 4 times a week out of San Juan, a nonstop flight to Martinique on Sundays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays with convenient connection from the US. For more information on rates and reservations, please visit Seaborne Airlines’ web site at Air Jamaica and Caribbean Airlines offer daily service from JFK with LIAT connection in Antigua or Barbados. For more information on rates and reservations, please visit LIAT’s web site at Air Caraibes flies to and from Guadeloupe, several times a day to and from Barbados, St. Martin, Dominica, Antigua, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad. For more information on rates and reservations, please visit Air Caraibes’ web site at Air Antilles Express flies several times a day to and from Guadeloupe and St Martin, as well as Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and St Barth. For more information on rates and reservations, please visit Air Antilles Express’ web site at Air France operates 3 times a week from Miami. For more information on rates and reservations, please visit Air France’ web site at Air Canada operates on Sundays from Montreal to Martinique and adds a new flight on Tuesdays to April 9th 2014. And from December 23th 2013 to March 31th 2014, CanJet offers direct flight on Mondays between Montreal and Fort-de-France. For more information on rates and reservations, please visit Air Canada’s web site at http:// and CanJet’s web site By Boat: 3 times a week Ferry service is available between Martinique (Fort de France) and Guadeloupe, St. Lucia, Dominica aboard sleek catamarans operated by: - Express des Iles (leaving from Fort-de-France) Tel: 011 596 596 63 05 45 Web: - Jeans for Freedom (leaving from Saint-Pierre) Tel: 1-767 255 1200 Web: Additional Ferry service is available between Martinique (le Marin) and St Lucia with Compagnie Maritime West Indies Tel. 011 596 596 74 93 38

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