About Us

The OneCaribbean Chapter (OCC) was created by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) with the primary purpose of enabling a business environment in which travel professionals gain access to knowledge of the region and its diverse tourism product, networking opportunities and education on the unique selling proposition of the various Caribbean destinations.

OCC is the vehicle which gives travel agents access and advantage to increase their business to over 28 Caribbean countries, under the regional umbrella. The chapter provides education on the myriad of niche products available in the Caribbean and destination support to prepare travel professionals for success in selling each country’s unique travel product.

Our Mission

To provide a valuable resource to travel professionals, particularly travel agents, by creating more awareness of the Caribbean vacation experiences and helping them increase their profits.

Value Proposition

OCC is the leader in providing networking, learning and business development opportunities by connecting travel professionals with Caribbean government and other influencers.
Sylma at Caribbean Week in New York 2014 - 1

Sylma Brown, Director, Caribbean Tourism Organization-USA, Inc.


Welcome from Sylma Brown, Director, Caribbean Tourism Organization-USA, Inc.

The CTO is launching this platform as a testament to our continued commitment to you and a recognition that you have a desire to have a relationship with the Organization that is the definitive voice for the most important destinations in the Caribbean.

The evolution into one Chapter is in keeping with the changes in the industry and the way business is now conducted in this very competitive and lucrative industry. However, it does not mean that we have abandoned the personal touch. It is still very much a part of the strategy.

The Caribbean Tourism Organization is aware of the challenges that travel professionals face and we are confident in our ability to assist you in ways that matter most – opportunities for increased sales, education and networking.

The OneCaribbean Chapter will cater exclusively to the bona fide travel agent who continues to provide excellent results for our member countries and who has an interest in continuing to be productive in a professional business environment.  Caribbean trained and certified travel agents are particularly special to us, but we encourage those of you who wish to learn more about the region to take advantage of our destinations specialist programs and join OCC.

The OCC website will provide tools and resources that are informational, rewarding, and deliver one of a kind experiences to help you increase your sales.

We appreciate your business and your enthusiasm in selling the region.  Let us succeed together! Sylma

What is CTO?

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The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) is the global voice for over 28 Caribbean countries representing 4 main language groups – Dutch, English, French and Spanish. The organization exists to provide services to its members in the areas of Finance and Resource Management, Marketing, Human Resources Development, Research and Information Technology, Sustainable Tourism Development, Event Management Advocacy and Communications.
The CTO is a membership driven organization and its membership comprises:
Anguilla | Antigua & Barbuda | Bahamas | Barbados | Belize | British Virgin Islands | Cayman Islands | Cuba | Dominica | Grenada | Guyana | Haiti | Jamaica | Martinique | Montserrat | Puerto Rico | Saint Lucia | St. Eustatius | St. Kitts & Nevis | Sint Maarten | St. Martin | St. Vincent & the Grenadines | Trinidad & Tobago | Turks & Caicos Islands | United States Virgin Islands | Venezuela
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