Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  What is the OneCaribbean Chapter?

The OneCaribbean Chapter (OCC) is the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s (CTO) resource center for travel professionals. It is managed through an online portal and its primary purpose is to enable business professionals to gain access to knowledge of the Caribbean region and its diverse tourism product, networking opportunities and business education. OCC is also the global voice for 28 Caribbean countries committed to offering a diverse group of niche market products and destination support to ensure success in selling the “best of each country’s” travel.

How long will it take for my membership to be processed?

Upon submission of your application you will receive a formal communication from the CTO-USA, Inc. informing you about your application status within seven (7) business days.

How will I know when my membership is active?

Once the membership registration process has been completed, you will receive a welcome letter with your unique membership ID number. You will receive your OCC member's certificate within 4 weeks.

Is there a possibility that my membership application may not be accepted?

Yes.  We are building a brand of professional, producing travel agents and want to maintain a standard that our government members will support. If we are unable to substantiate your credentials and the value you bring to the chapter, we will provide you with a Letter of Non-Acceptance.  You are welcome to provide information that will substantiate your status if you feel we are in error.  These documents may also include volume of sales.

Can non-members benefit from this program?

Benefits are exclusive to OCC members. Encourage your associates who are bona fide travel professionals to join the program, so they too may benefit from it.

When do I create a personal profile?

Upon receipt of your confirmation as a OneCaribbean Chapter member, you will receive your unique membership id number which will enable you to create a personal online profile.  That profile will remain active as long as your membership is active.

What are the membership dues?

The annual cost of individual is $75.00. Travel agencies may join the Allied Membership at the annual rate of $275 + $75 one time processing fee.  Register as many as three (3) travel agents and receive benefits both as an Allied member and as a travel agent.

When can I expect to be billed again for the next membership year?

Membership is on an annual basis.  CTO-USA, Inc. will send a note to all members to log on to the website and register to continue membership.

Will there be opportunities to reduce the annual membership dues?

OCC will be engaging in membership drives throughout the year. In these drives, we will be providing incentives, including discounts for early renewal. You may take advantage of these drives to benefit from savings on your membership dues.

What are the benefits of OCC Membership?

To learn more about the OCC program benefits you can check here